Our Mission

Empower local businesses and consumers to go green and work more efficiently

To make sustainable living go mainstream, we should put effort in making it a rational choice rather than a moral one.

Johnson Jacka - Founder

Our Story

Guided by shared values, we are brought together by a common desire for a better, clean and sustainable future for Africa and the world.

A future where clean energy, and sustainable technologies powers our movements and economic processes.

A future where the integrity of our natural environment is at the core of every consumer decision.

And we have made it our responsibility to realize that future beginning Now.

Going green made cheaper and easier

Inefficient and environmental polluting transportation solutions negatively impact our natural environment and our well-being, including how we run our lives and our businesses.

At greenfootGo we have made it our mission to provide you and your business with clean and environmentally friendly way to pickup and deliver goods in your city. A way to live better and sustainably.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)